Not Possible to Manage Your Industrial Brand Strategy?…Think Again

Don’t forget the significant advantages marketing automation can provide your industrial brand strategy

marketing_automaton_for_industrialI’m not digging deep into the subject of industrial branding, except to say there is a ton of material on the web about industrial branding. Go ahead and type “industrial branding strategy” into Google.

Knock yourself out.

One of the better discussions about industrial branding is from friend and fellow industrial marketer, Kerry O’Malley in Texas. Kerry’s tells us an industrial brand “must come to life”. Kelly provides a compiling argument and an excellent example on her blog, The Key to a Great Industrial Brand Strategy?

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Is Digital Disruption Facing Your Industrial Marketing Efforts?

Obviously many industries are going through digital disruption. Are your industrial marketing efforts being disrupted at the same time?


I recently met with an amazing industrial supplier. This guy was the true Renaissance Man.  He was not only a skilled engineer, but also blessed with many other talents. He not only had technical skills, he had passion for an old-line industry bundled around good people skills…often times, rare for an engineer.

He has used his Renaissance gift to develop game-changing methodologies in an industry that has been doing things the same way for almost 100 years. I saw plenty of evidence of his game-changing products, services and patents on this plant floor and documents from the US Patent Office in his office.

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For Industrial Content/Inbound Marketing…Forget ROI

Do your industrial content/inbound marketing efforts lack closed deals and ROI? In the age of search, mobile & social, you need to look at the ROI equation differently

industrial marketing strategy & content marketing for industrialWe recently went to work for several B2B manufacturers using content marketing…or inbound marketing, as some call it. We set realistic expectations and advised our customers not to expect much, in terms of lead generation, from content deployment (e-mail, premium e-books and regular blog posts) for six months.

In each instance, we started with a newly refined brand message that positioned our industrial manufacturers’ “above the fold” from the same ol’, same ol’ “superior service”, “great prices”, “best quality”. Traditional brand statements will never elevate our clients above their competitors in the age of search, social and mobile. As my branding expert friend, Greg Miller at Maxwell+Miller, reminds me, “Those are not points of differentiation, they are points of entry”.

With shiny new brand themes, we deploy some terrific content designed to create top-of-mind awareness and fill the top of the funnel with prospects on their sourcing journey.

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Which Marketing Automation Platform is Best for Industrial Marketing

Is marketing automation right for the industrial marketer. Here are a couple views of marketing automation and benefits industrial marketers will find

marketing_automaton_for_industrialMarketing automation is a topic of conversation in almost every marketing brain dump in conference rooms around the world. Industrial marketers have been slow to the trough of marketing automation and lead generation.

Content Marketing Institute’s research tells us things are changing in last March’s report, Manufacturing: B2B Manufacturing Content Marketing   CMI’s research tells us there is rapid adoption, but success is still elusive for industrial marketers.

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