Want to Revolutionize Your Industrial Marketing? Get Out of Your Building

What to make your industrial marketing personal, relevant, human and SUCCESSFUL? The best place to start is get out your building.


If you know me and read this blog, you know I am big fan of Seth Godin, the “Godfather of modern marketing”. Seth’s principles of permission marketing, (His 3rd and breakthrough book was Permission Marketing) helps, thick-skulled, industrial marketers understand that our marketing should be anticipated and NOT interruptive. This basic theme resonates in almost every marketing brain dump today. And…it should resonate in every B2B industrial marketing department. Not because Seth says so. Not because I say so. Because your prospect says so.

Google has retrained your prospect when it comes to sourcing industrial products. Now you need to retrain your industrial marketing strategy.

What’s the best way to do that?

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The 4 Missing Ingredients for Industrial Content Marketing

Have you started industrial content marketing? If you do not have these critical ingredients, DO NOT waste your money.


Market statistics tell us more & more industrial marketers are starting to implement content marketing, or inbound marketing, as some call it. According to IHS GlobalSpec Research Report, 61 percent of B2B manufacturers are now using this relatively new marketing tactic. At least, new to many industrial marketers.

However, the same research tells us that only 9% can demonstrate how content marketing contributes to sales ROI.

I believe the following 4 critical elements are missing from industrial marketers’ content marketing strategy and the reason only 9% find an ROI benefit.

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Why Understanding Content Saturation is a Bonanza for Industrial Marketers

As an industrial marketer, do you really understand content saturation? For the industrial marketer, it is a little known bonanza. Click here for more info



Content saturation is an important digital concept to grasp, especially for industrial marketers.

First, let’s define “content”…from an industrial marketing standpoint.

Content is any information deployed on the web that explains your industrial products or services and is primarily designed to attract visitors to your website. From my point of view, your industrial content should be 80% helpful & 20% promotional. In the age of search and social media, your content must be helpful or it “sucks”, as the Millennials say. That is what the Millennials say.  To me, it just makes for good marketing.

So…helpful content could be in the form of:

• A webpage
• A blog post
• An e-mail blast to opt-in subscribers only
• A downloadable product specification sheet
• A downloadable e-book that explains your company’s unique capabilities
• A company LinkedIn page
• A blog post promoted via your LinkedIn industry groups Sometimes with a market reach of a million plus…and, its FREE.
• A tweet from your corporate Twitter page.
• Corporate or product demonstration videos on YouTube
• Online webinars
• Video
• Etc.

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The “Perfect Storm” is Forming for the Industrial Marketer

Four dynamics are forming the “Perfect Storm” for the industrial marketer. Are you willing to invest in the future of your industrial marketing


Violent storms that do considerable damage to our property and ourselves force us to think differently about many things. Our lives, our family, our possessions.

So it is with the modern industrial marketer. A “Perfect Storm” has been forming for several years when it comes to industrial marketing. This is nothing new if you read this blog, but possibly a different perspective.

  • First, your buyers have changed their behavior dramatically in just a matter of months. They source without you or your sales group. Your fantastic content must great them at Google’s door with the content they need to move through industrial buyers’ journey; awareness, consideration & decision stage.
  • Second, Google has changed the rules of the road. No need to get technical here, but Google now says you must publish content that demonstrates you company’s expertise. Do not try to throw out crap. If your industrial audience does not find your content engaging and helpful, Google will ignore or penalize you. No BS here.

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