Google Analytics or HubSpot for Industrial Marketers?

Google Analytics or HubSpot analytics/marketing automation? Now that content marketing for industrial marketers is here to stay, what is the best way to measure your online marketing efforts?

google analytics hubspot analyticsI was asked several weeks ago to do a presentation for a well-known industrial supplier in western Michigan. We had built an SEO-optimized website several years ago. The third-generation industrial supplier had received a generous amount of quality leads from their first online marketing effort. Our customer was happy with the ROI from their web marketing efforts. The website had paid for itself several times over.

When I received the call from our customer, he told me the leads had dried up and he wanted to know why. I said, I would be glad to come in and explain how Google has changed the way they ranked their company’s website. Given our position of trust with this customer, it was easy for him to say, “Sure”. Continue reading “Google Analytics or HubSpot for Industrial Marketers?”